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Framing Lumber

MSR Lumber

Machine Stress Rated. Used for beams, where SYP lumber is inadequate. Stocked in 2×10 and 2×12 in 16′ lengths.

SYP Lumber

Stocked in 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, and 2×12.

SPF Lumber

Stocked in any width and length.

OSB Lumber

Stocked in 7/16″, 5/8″, and 3/4″.

Pre-Cut Studs

Stocked in 5/8″ x 92″ and 5/8″ x 116″.


Stocked in many sizes and styles.

Treated Lumber

2x Lumber

Stocked in all widths and most lengths.

Deck Balusters

Stocked in 42″ & 48″

Tongue & Groove

SYP T&G #1

Perfect for horse stalls and various other applications.

SYP T&G #2

Great for heavy flooring!

EWP T&G 1×10

Used for siding, etc. We also stock square edged in various sizes.

Edge & Center Bead

EWP 1×8

Great for interior finishes and can also be used for siding.

EWP 1×6

Great for interior finishes and can also be used for siding.

Primed Trims

Window Sill

With routered edge.



We stock most sizes up to 40 feet in 4/12 pitch. Our trusses come standard with 1 foot overhangs.

Glulam Posts

Glulam Posts

We stock most sizes of glulam posts for immediate delivery to your job site! Custom sizes are available; call for lead times.


We stock most sizes of glulam posts for immediate delivery to your job site! Custom sizes are available; call for lead times.

Footing Products


Made to order.

Footing Pads

Available in 10″ – 24″. Super convenient – eliminates all the work and mess of concrete! Perfect for smaller pole buildings and decks.


Trusscore Panels

Perfect for food facilities, animal housing, garages, etc. Easy to clean! Available in white and gray.

Base Trim

We also stock a flat 4″ piece that can be glued on.


Standard Drywall

1/2″ stocked in 4’x8′ and 4’x12′. 5/8″ stocked in 4’x8′.

Moisture Resistant Drywall

1/2″ stocked in 4’x8′. 5/8″ stocked in 4’x8′.

Drywall Accessories

Tape, joint compounds, corner beads, to name a few.


Epilay Hi Temp Ice & Water

Great for metal roofs. 2 sq per roll.

Dupont Tyvek Protec 120 & 160

10 sq (1,000 sq. ft.) per roll.

House Wrap

Roll size: 10′ x 100′.

Tiger Paw Underlayment

Felt buster, GripRite, 10 sq per roll.

Henry Ice & Water

Great for shingle roofs. 2 sq per roll.

Tyvek House Wrap

Roll size: 9′ x 100′.


Composite Decking

We can supply you with composite decking from manufacturers Wolf Home Products and Fiber-on.

Deck Railings

Choose from three in-stock styles: Superior 1000 Model Style, Superior 1000 York Style, and Wolf Traditional Railing. Available options include white or almond posts, square vinyl balusters, black aluminum balusters, New England caps, flat caps, solar-lighted caps, classic trim rings, and plain trim rings.

Stone & Siding

Evolve Stone

Easy-to-install stone veneer. Installs with a trim nail gun! Available in 4 styles and 4 color choices.

Vinyl Siding

We stock both traditional and Dutch Lap Georgia Pacific siding. We also stock T4 vinyl soffits in solid, center vent, and fully vented.


Kraft Insulation

Batts, rolls, all sizes in stock.

Cellulose Insulation

Stocked in 25lb bags.

Dow Greenguard

Styrofoam panels. Stocked in 1/2″ – 3″ thick.

Shingles & Accessories

GAF Shingles

We stock the Timberline HDZ shingles. They come with a 40-year warranty. Stocked colors are charcoal, backwood, pewter gray, weathered wood, hickory, and shakewood.

Shingle Accessories

Roof boots, step flashing, 1 1/2″ drip edge (stocked in black, white, and musket brown), Berger aluminum coil stock (stocked in musket brown, black, royal brown, and white).


Flex Wrap Tape

Available in 6″ and 9″ widths.

Windows & Doors

ThermoTwin Windows

We stock double hung windows in 32″x40″ and 36″x48″ with and without grids. Double sliding windows in 36″x36″, 40″x48″, and 48″x48″. All sashes can be lifted out to clean. Full screens, integral J, 10-year warranty.

Doors with & without Windows

All doors are pre-hung with composite jambs. Doors carry a 5-year warranty. Outswing doors have Superior Threshold, a new style of threshold that prevents floors from rotting below the door. Custom size exterior doors available with 1 week lead time.

Commercial Doors

We have 3068 doors in stock, with or without glass. Custom-size doors are available as well; call for current lead times. Although we primarily stock Trumax vinyl windows, we offer other brands as well to meet all of your needs.

Aluminum Screen Doors

Stocked in white, charcoal, clay, and black. Includes closer, latch, and hinge kit.

Metal Roofing & Siding

Metal Roofing & Siding

We have partnered with Solanco Metal Roofing to bring you steel siding, roofing, and lumber – all in one package! Call 717-847-4447 to add their products to your order.


Short lead times.

We have many materials in stock!

Material take-offs.

We will do your material take-offs upon request.

Job-site delivery.

We will deliver your material to the exact spot that you need it!

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